The Paroli Betting System

Cherry Red Casino BannerThe Paroli betting system is also sometimes called the anti-Martingale system. In an attempt to take advantage of hot streaks, the Paroli betting system increases the size of your bet every time you win. If you lose, you start over from the beginning. In this way it lets you start with 1 unit and let the winnings ride without risking any additional money out of your pocket.

For example, let's say you start out with a $10 bet on red on the roulette wheel. If you win the bet, you'll add all the winnings to your original bet and spin the wheel again with $20 this time. If that bet wins again, your next bet would now be for $40 because you add your winnings to the original bet size.

Basically, the Paroli betting system is a fancy way of saying "always play with the casino's money." The most attractive feature of the Paroli betting system is that it's more stable than the Martingale system and doesn’t require as large a bankroll. The downside to the Paroli betting system is that you have to win several bets in a row while risking all your winnings every time.

If you want to try the Paroli betting system out for yourself, you should start out by making a plan of action. Decide on what your initial bet will be any how many bets you must win in a row before starting over from 1 again. The higher you set your "restart" number, the lower the odds of you reaching it become. Even on even-money games it's rare to win very many bets in a row.

The Paroli betting system really isn't too bad as long as you understand that it doesn't do anything to remove the house edge or guarantee you any wins. If you go in with that knowledge in mind, the Paroli system can be a fun way to mix it up in the casino. If you're lucky, you'll parlay your winnings into a nice score.

It's a much safer system than the Martingale system because it doesn’t require you to keep doubling up your money right out of your pocket. Any time you lose a bet with the Paroli system, you just have to pony up one more bet to start over again. In the long run you'll lose just as much money with the Paroli system, but it doesn't require such massive investments right up front.

If you're a new player and are looking for a betting system, I highly recommend this one. It won't make you a guaranteed winner but it will keep you from reaching into your pockets as much. You won't win as often with this system but the times you do win will be larger. But don't forget; the house always has an advantage and no betting system can change that.