Complete Guide to Keno

Keno TicketKeno only takes a minute to learn, but it provides hours of fun for players around the world every day. It’s similar to any state lottery because in both games players pick their numbers in an attempt to match the same numbers randomly drawn by game organizers.

Keno is played on a white card with the numbers 1-80 arranged on it in a grid. You then pick anywhere between 1 and 15 numbers and mark them on the keno card. Online keno is much the same except you pick your numbers with a mouse instead of a pencil.

When you get your keno card, you pick how much money you want to bet and how many games you wish to play. Keno is a fast-moving game so players will often purchase up to 10 games at a time, which will keep the same numbers and keno cards for 10 rounds of play.

After you choose your numbers, a computer randomly selects 20 numbers out of the 80 possible numbers on the card. In online keno, the casino will display the numbers right on your computer screen. In live keno, you’ll see the numbers on a TV screen or monitor nearby.

The more numbers you guess correctly, the more money you’ll win in the game. The payout rates are based on how many numbers you attempted compared to how many you actually guessed correctly.

Players who pick 20 numbers have to get more correct to win any money, and players who only pick 5 numbers don’t have to guess as many to get cash prizes. It really doesn’t matter how many you attempt though, because the odds work out the same in the end.

The only time it matters how many numbers you guess is when the casino you’re playing at has a special jackpot for guessing a certain number of numbers. A lot of casinos have special prizes or increased payouts for players who guess 10, 15, or more numbers. If you’re only picking 5 numbers at a time, you can’t win the jackpot.

If you see terms like “Spot 5” or “Spot 6” and so on, that’s just a word used to describe the number of guesses you’re taking on your bingo card. So if you’re playing a keno card with 10 guesses on it, you’re said to be playing a “Spot 10.”

Keno Variations

Here are some common variations of Keno:

All or Nothing

In this version you still pick numbers just like normal, but you only get paid if all your numbers are picked or none of them are.

Catch Zero

This variant is similar to All or Nothing except the goal of Catch Zero is to have none of your numbers picked.

Power Keno

This game is identical to regular keno except your winnings will be quadrupled if the last number picked by the computer is a hit for you.

Super Keno

Super Keno is played the same as Power Keno except the winnings are quadrupled if the first number is picked correctly.

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Keno Tips

Keno isn’t a beatable game in the long run but there are a few tips we can give you to give you the best chances of winning. The most important thing to do is enjoy the game.

Tip #1 - Find the right online casino

This is the most important tip because finding the right online casino will save you a lot of headache (and possibly money) in the long run. Look for the best casinos on our online casino review page.

Tip #2 - Play with extra money, not needed money

Whatever you do, don’t play with money you need to pay bills. Casino games like keno should only be played with money that you could lose without changing your lifestyle. People who play with needed money often end up in trouble.

Tip #3 - Check the pay tables

Some casinos offer higher returns on your money for betting a certain number of balls. The jackpot at most online casinos is won by guessing at least X numbers correctly in a single round.

Tip #4 - Don’t fall for winning strategy scams

Keno is played with a distinct house advantage that simply can’t be beaten by using any kind of betting system or special strategy. Save your money and play keno instead – you’ll get a better return on your money there.

Tip #5 - Order “stray and play” tickets if you can't stick around

If you don’t want to sit around and wait for every number to be called, you can order “stray and play” tickets that let you walk around with your keno tickets and even leave the casino with them. Some casinos even accept these tickets up to a year later.

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