Complete Guide to Let it Ride

Let it Ride TableLet it Ride is a popular casino card game that closely resembles 5 Card Draw, except the players play against the house instead of against each other. The game has become popular with casino players lately because it offers a low house edge, large payouts, and an easy, slow pace.

The dealer's cards are used as community cards. This means each player uses the cards they are dealt in combination with the dealer's cards to make the best 5 card poker hand. Each player starts out with 3 bets and 3 cards and can choose to take back the bets or "let it ride" as the game progresses.

A typical round of play looks like this:

1. Each player places three equal bets in front of him.

2. Each player is dealt three cards face down.

3. Three community cards are dealt face down in the middle of the table.

4. One of the community cards is selected at random and discarded.

5. Players may look at their cards and choose to take back the first bet if they don't like what they see. If they like the look of the hand so far, they may "let it ride".

6. The dealer exposes one community card and the players now have the choice to remove the second bet or let it ride.

7. After all the players have made a decision, the dealer flips over the final community card along with each player's cards.

8. The dealer compares each player's hand with the community cards to determine the final hands.

9. The dealer collects all the losing bets and pays out the winnings bets to players who have made a strong 5 card poker hand.

Players get paid not for beating other hands but based on the strength of their hands alone. The payout chart can vary at individual casinos but the most common pay table looks like this:

Let it Ride Payouts

The odds of getting each hand are as follows:

Let it Ride Odds

Side Bets

Players may also place an additional side bet that pays for strong three card poker hands. If players get a pair, three of a kind, three card straight, three card flush, three card straight flush, or a three card royal flush, they will win additional money for this side bet.

There is a second side bet players may place in the Let It Ride Tournament spot on the table. This bet is only $1 and it offers extra payouts for making winning 5 card poker hands. Players who make the $1 side bet get the following bonuses for winning poker hands:

Let it Ride Bonus

The actually dollar amounts on the payout table vary from casino to casino, but this is a pretty common example. It's an enticing bet because players can win up to $20,000 extra just for placing an additional $1 bet.

Let It Ride Tips

The house advantage of Let It Ride varies based on the strategy the player uses. Players who use a mathematically correct strategy can reduce the house edge to just 3.5%. Here's how you play to get the most bang for your buck:

Cherry Red Let it RideTake back your first bet every time unless you have one of the following hands:

  • A pair of tens or better
  • Any three cards to a royal flush
  • Any three suited connectors (unless the lowest card is a 2)

Take back your second bet every time unless you have one of the following hands:

  • Any winning hand (pair of 10s or better)
  • Any four cards to a royal flush
  • Any four cards to a straight flush
  • Four high cards

Any four cards to an open ended straight

Avoid the side bets. Even though these side bets are enticing, they have a huge house edge. The house advantage on these bets can be as much as 36%. Concentrate instead on playing with the strategy listed above.

Let It Ride Etiquette

Here are some tips for keeping things cool at the table:

  • There are three circles in front of each seat that are designated for your first three bets. Place your chips within these circles
  • Do not touch your cards until you are allowed to look at them
  • Players are not allowed to discuss their cards during a hand. When you look at your cards, make a reasonable effort to keep them hidden from view
  • If you want to let a bet ride, place your cards face down beneath the bet
  • Do not touch your bets with your hand when you want to take them back. Instead, you can motion that you want your bet back by scraping your cards across the table like you would in blackjack.

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