Online Casino Software Developers

It may be a surprise to some of you to know that almost all of the online casinos out there are made by one of three software developers. I know when I started out in the casino industry, I thought that each online casino had developed their own software and website. However, that is way off. Almost every online casino company hires a third party to do their software and website, and that is why a lot of the online casinos today look very similar. Here are the three big players in casino software development:

Microgaming - Microgaming has developed casinos like Vegas Slot and Royal Vegas Casinos.

Real Time Gaming (RTG) - RTG has developed sites like Rushmore Casino and Bodog Casino.

PlayTech - PlayTech has developed casinos like PKR Casino and Vegas Red Casino.

Who's the Best Software Developer?

There are always arguments at online casino forums regarding who's software is best, and the debates always end in a toss up. Really it is just personal preference - I know a lot of people who prefer PlayTech, but know a lot of other people who like Microgaming or RTG. All three are high quality products. Here are some screenshots so you can get a feel for each software:

Microgaming Slots:

Microgaming Slots

Real Time Gaming Slots:

RTG Slots

PlayTech Slots:

PlayTech Slot Machines